Activities of Zwift Members

josh krug: Watopia

9 hours 4 minutes ago
VirtualRide: Distance: 3.2km, Elevation Gain: 4m, Moving Time: 00:06:07, Average Speed: 31.7km/h, Estimated Avg Power: 136.3 (from power meter), Weighted Avg Power: 154

Josh Birdwell: Watopia

11 hours 8 minutes ago
VirtualRide: Distance: 21.1km, Elevation Gain: 84m, Moving Time: 01:00:15, Average Speed: 21.0km/h, Estimated Avg Power: 108.0 (from power meter), Weighted Avg Power: 122

Dennis Jones: Watopia

11 hours 23 minutes ago
VirtualRide: Distance: 23.5km, Elevation Gain: 94m, Moving Time: 00:52:59, Average Speed: 26.6km/h, Estimated Avg Power: 112.0 (from power meter), Weighted Avg Power: 126

Eric Grant: Watopia

11 hours 50 minutes ago
VirtualRide: Distance: 4.0km, Elevation Gain: 11m, Moving Time: 00:07:13, Average Speed: 33.4km/h, Estimated Avg Power: 178.0 (from power meter), Weighted Avg Power: 174
1 hour 13 minutes ago
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