How much bandwidth does Zwift consume?

How much bandwidth does Zwift consume? setuid Wed, 11/25/2015 - 23:37

Zwift bytes per minute

Some riders in the Zwift Riders Facebook group have asked how much bandwidth Zwift consumes per-minute when run across slower links, such as a phone's hotspot over 3G/4G, so here are the quick-and-dirty results (graphs will be forthcoming shortly) 

  • A "Fan View" session of Zwift taking 688 seconds (roughly 11 minutes) consumed 1,637,477 bytes from initial login to final exit.
  • The captured network activity included numerous chat messages to and from other riders as well as clicking around through various views of each rider in the list.
  • There were 339 riders on the course for the full duration of the test.
  • There was roughly 0.3 - 0.5 seconds of lag between typed messages sent on the Zwift PC until they were received and displayed on Zwift Mobile Link running the host phone running the hotspot. 

Breaking this down, equates to 2.3kB/second or roughly 1.6Mb/minute of data across the WWAN segment.