Zwift is stuck in full-screen mode, how do I go back to "windowed" or vice-versa?

With the recent March 2016 updates of the Zwift desktop application, the ability to change the user interface from full-screen to windowed has been limited.

On the Mac, the previous option to change it from windowed to full-screen and back has been removed entirely!

Zwift 2016-04-08 settings on Mac

But there is a fix! If you open your user's prefs.xml filewith a text editor, you can add or edit the appropriate configuration option to set your Zwift application back to windowed mode, or force it into full-screen mode.

Here is an example of where to update that value:




Setting FULLSCREEN to 0 will enable windowed mode.

Setting FULLSCREEN to 1 will enable full-screen mode.

Good luck and #RideOn!