Where is my Zwift data stored?

Zwift Data

Zwift creates data for various parts of your Zwift experience. Some of those datafiles are important and relevant to your ongoing analytics, workouts, logging and debugging of various activities you use with Zwift.

So let's break it down:

Zwift Application Binaries

The Zwift application itself is stored in the standard location on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Microsoft Windows

   C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\

Mac OS X


Zwift Application Logs

For each OS, the Zwift application logs are in the same place on both operating systems


In this directory, you'll find various logs for each session of Zwift that you've run.

  • ComputerSpecs.txt: Windows-only, created by DxDiag, and used to help Zwift Support diagnose and debug any issues specific to your computer and its hardware configuration. Mac OS X does not have this log.
  • Launcher_Log.txt: This is the log generated by the launcher itself (ZwiftLauncher.exe on Windows, ZwiftLauncher-OSX on Mac OS X)
  • Log.txt: This is the runtime log where all events during your activity are written. This will include segment times, chat messages, FPS values, ANT+ error messages, network messages and more.
   Launcher_log (old 1).txt
   Launcher_log (old 2).txt
   Launcher_log (old 3).txt

   Log (old 1).txt
   Log (old 2).txt
   Log (old 3).txt


Zwift Application Configuration Files

Further customization of your Zwift UI experience can be had by modifying the application configuration files for each resolution you intend to run Zwift in. Those configuration files are found in two different places, depending on your platform. These files and their locations are:


Microsoft Windows

   C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\configs\

Mac OS X

   /Users/YourName/Library/Application Support/Zwift/data/configs/

Zwift Workouts (.zwo)

Workouts you create with the Zwift Workout Editor are stored in your Zwift data directory. The location is the same on both supported platforms.


Subdirectories inside here will show up in the Zwift Workout Editor as folders. You can see more about how to organize your workouts in the following KB article:

Zwift Activities (.fit)

As you ride, you generate data specific to your bike's sensors and data; heart rate, speed, cadence, power, elevation and so on. Those data is stored in .fit files which are dropped into your Activities folder. This folder is also where your data is uploaded from, if you connect your Zwift account to Strava.


For details on connecting Zwift to Strava, see the following KB article:

Zwift User Settings

When you change your settings in Zwift, those settings are stored into XML files which represent those settings and your paired ANT+ sensors and ANT+ sensor IDs. Those files are stored in the root of your Zwift data directory:


There are two files there, each representing different configurations:

  • knowndevices.xml: Each paired ANT+ device and that device's ID are represented here
  • prefs.xml: All user settings, such as battery preferences, screen resolution, volume, chat preferences and others.

Zwift Game Screenshots

When you take screenshots in-game, they're stored in various places, depending on the platform you're using to take them.

On Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, screenshots are found in:


If you're taking screenshots using Zwift Mobile Link, the mobile companion app to Zwift, you'll find those in either your Gallery (Android) or your Camera Roll (iPhone, iPad).

If you're not sure how to take screenshots while riding, there's a KB article that describes that in greater detail:

Hopefully this information will be useful to those trying to find, back up, restore or manage their Zwift data.