How do the iPhone and iPad differ when using Zwift?

Zwift running on an iPhone

On December 10th of 2016, Zwift released a native version of Zwift for the Apple iOS platform. This adds a new platform to the Zwift ecosystem in addition to the previous PC and Mac platforms. This comes after a healthy beta period filled with many long-time Zwift users.

You can download Zwift for iOS (ZiOS) from iTunes directly, to begin using it on your Apple device. Zwift supports the following iOS devices below. Please note that you need to have a device capable of running iOS 9.0 or later, to start using Zwift.

These Apple devices each include various chipsets, from the Apple A7 through Apple A9 and newer. Each chipset has different capabilties and performance levels. In addition, each device supports different pixel densities and resolutions. You can find a list of those capabilities and resolutions online if you're interested in all the details.

Various iOS Resolutions

Zwift running on the iPad will support a 4:3 (standard) resolution, while Zwift on the iPhone will support 16:9 (widescreen) resolution.

Standard vs. Widescreen resolutions

If you want the best, richest experience, make sure you're running the latest hardware and latest iOS version on that hardware. The newer devices will support 60fps (Frames per Second), while the older devices will only run Zwift in 30fps. 

You can also connect your iOS device via its Lightning connector directly to an HDTV and get a bigger display to improve your Zwift experience. You can do that by connecting your device to your TV using a Lightning to HDMI or Lightning to VGA adapter. You can find these on Amazon as well as directly from your nearest Apple Store.

Lightning to HDMI and VGA Adapter

You can also "stream" (broadcast wirelessly) your Zwift experience from your mobile iOS device directly to your TV through Apple AirPlay. You would connect your iOS device to your AirPlay device, and then broadcast the game to your TV from there. Follow the Apple Documentation on how to set this up for your iOS device.

Apple AirPlay Wiring Diagram

Good luck and #RideOn!