Does Zwift have any discussion forums other than Facebook?

Zwift Discussion ForumsThere have been many attempts to spin up discussion forums outside of the various Zwift Facebook groups, which didn't gain any momentum or traction. 

Now that the Zwift Riders Facebook group has surged past 10,000 members (congratulations!), it makes sense to start thinking about breaking out the discussion topics into forums again. There's just too many topics and discussions that happen every day to find what you want in a flat, single-threaded Facebook group.

Also, Facebook has changed the way replies are managed, allowing "nested" replies, which breaks the Facebook search through those replies. Dedicated forum software packages are much better-suited to the kinds of topics and conversations that happen around Zwift than using Facebook for those discussions.

There are several places hosting Zwift-specific discussion forums: 

If you want to search specific topics for discussion, by all means visit those discussion forums and contribute to the threads there.

Facebook's search is very challenging and often doesn't return the results you're looking for because of the way nested replies work, but many of the forum packages out there are much richer in capability and search. 

Try them out and see if they work for you. If not... there's always Facebook!