My mobile device can't connect to Zwift. How do I fix it?

Zwift Mobile Link not connecting

This comes up from time to time and there many be a number of reasons for it.

Remember that in order to see your "Rider" options, you must be logged into the Zwift desktop application and have your bike + sensors paired up. Simply logging into Zwift on the desktop in "Fan View" mode is not enough; you must be riding (or paired to ride).

The Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) application talks over your local LAN to the Zwift desktop application. If it doesn't see you riding, it won't give you the rider options.

The most common solutions to a lack of connectivity are: 

  1. Your mobile device is not on the same network as your Zwift PC machine. Make sure your mobile device's wireless LAN support is enabled and that you're on the same side of the LAN as your PC. If your mobile device connects through a router that hands out 192.168.1.x IPs and your Zwfit PC is being given 10.0.1.x, you may see issues if the two subnets aren't routing to each other.
  2. The account you logged into the Zwift Mobile Link application and the one you used to log into Zwift on your desktop machine are different. Make sure you're using the same account on both machines, and that you haven't changed your Zwift password after logging into one device before the other.
  3. Check your network firewall for any rules which may filter or block the two devices from talking to each other. Zwift Mobile Link makes a peer-to-peer connection over your network. If the two devices can't talk to each other, you will get a failure to sync up and use ZML to manage your ride.
  4. ZML can only connect to the desktop if it is the only mobile device connected to that account at the same time. If you have more than one mobile device logged in at the same time (such as your tablet + your phone), choose one, and log out of ZML from the other. It's a 1-to-1 relationship between ZML and your Zwift desktop application.

Hopefully this fixes any issues you might have connecting your mobile device with Zwift. Have fun out there!